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The world is filled with data. The challenge is, how to transform it into information that has value — for both your organization and your customers. You’ll need a sound information management strategy, solid data architecture and management, and reporting tools that provide accessible, clear and actionable business intelligence. You’ll need DataInsights.

DataInsights is helping its customers make better and more timely business decisions through information acquisition, management and analytics. We work with organizations to build reliable and secure data-driven business intelligence systems that bring actionable insights to help them better serve their customers, create opportunities and develop new strategies, efficiencies, products and services.

We build information solutions on the Microsoft data platform. DataInsights works across the complete data life cycle in all aspects required for success.


DataInsights will help you improve your P&L, identify new customers and product segments and increase customer satisfaction. Our services include: information and project management; data integration; data storage and management; mobile and desktop reporting, data mining and analytics. Your data can be managed on premise, or via a full cloud service.

Information Strategy and Data Architecture

It all starts with the right strategy, and developing the systems to support that strategy. Whether you’re working with a blank slate or looking to refine, upgrade or enhance existing systems, we’ll ask the right questions and help you implement an optimal core data and information systems strategy.

  • Strategy review, assessment and recommendations
  • Infrastructure/technology review, assessment and recommendations
  • Information strategies specific to your industry vertical and organization

Data Management and Operations

We’ll get your data where it needs to be and, once it’s there, we ensure its integrity, security, reliability and availability.

  • Data acquisition and migration
  • System architectural design
  • Data governance and compliance
  • On-premises, cloud-based or hybrid
  • Master data definition and management
  • Data standards, policies and procedures
  • Secure data practices
  • Operational excellence — High availability with 24/7 access

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Visualize your data and make better business decisions — including enhanced predictive capabilities — through powerful, customizable reporting and analytics tools delivered to the right people. Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

  • Self-service business intelligence architecture
  • Transform, analyze and visualize data
  • Desktop and mobile capable
  • Easy-to-use report authoring
  • Monitor important data from across your organization

Case Study

Nice Ride MN

“After seeing the system numbers come to life, we could tell who was using the bikes, and where and when they were going, which made all the difference in the world.”

~ Bill Dossett, Executive Director, Nice Ride MN

Download Nice Ride MN Case Study

Or view individual reports below.

Males aged between 25 and 34 were the heaviest users.

Usage by people over 54 was slight.

Usage by 24-hour subscribers was concentrated on weekends.

Yearly subscribers rode more during the week.

Nicollet Mall and Lake Calhoun kiosks were popular for 24-hour subscribers.

Our Team

Alan Wernke, Principal

Mr. Wernke is an internationally experienced Information Management Technology executive and entrepreneur, with 30+ years of business and technology experience. He specializes in growing businesses, especially in the business intelligence, custom software development, professional services outsourcing and analytics realms.

His vertical experience spans Energy (Solar and Clean Tech.), Retail (Target Stores), Software (Microsoft), Healthcare (payer, provider and device) and Social Media (started and sold two Internet companies).

Mr. Wernke lives with his wife and daughter in Minneapolis, MN. He enjoys driving his electric car, travel, hiking and digital toys.

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